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For over 10 years the team at East Sydney Massage and Chiropractic Clinic have delivered results to our male clients through:

We understand there are many massage therapy, spa treatment, and chiropractic suppliers in Darlinghurst, but it is through dedicated commitment to client care and providing proven treatments that we continue to lead in our field and support so many wonderful members of the community.

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man-east-sydney-chiropractic-and-massageThere’s a reason why Chiropractic is one of Europe’s most primary forms of health care – it enables the body to heal itself.

Chiropractic corrects skeletal issues to ensure the nervous system pathways throughout the body are unobstructed so the brain can activate ‘lazy’ dormant muscles and optimise the body’s physological system. If you aren’t getting results in gym, feeling tired or have knots throughout your back, you can almost guarantee you will get results from chiropractic.

Our resident chiropractors bring a passionate active life of learning and treatment experience across Sydney’s demographic that ensures your concerns and goals are understood and achieved.

If you are wanting to experience Chiropractic for the first time and have more questions, please review our Chiropractic FAQ page. Alternatively, you can Book an Appointment or contact us and one of our chiropractors will gladly answer questions for you.

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We’ve seen multiple ‘spa’ massage clinics open in the Darlinghurst area over the last few years, highlighting the growing desire for massage within the community. What continues to differentiate us from the other chains is our commitment to our clients, that is, being on their ‘Health Board of Directors’. Massage ‘zen’ and light pat down is simply not enough to get value out of a massage. At East Sydney Massage and Chiropractic we have treated thousands of clients to:

      • Clear bodies of toxicity through lymphatic massage giving more energy and faster exercise recovery times
      • Address muscular discomfort imbalance with deep tissue and remedial massage
      • Combine with Chiropractic Treatment to optimise the body for exercise and prevent distraction from muscular pain to allow focus on work.

Our multi-award winning therapists are fully qualified in evidence based practices and are all very active bodies. Our clients have a choice of many massage therapists in the Darlinghurst area, however they keep coming back to us for a truly effective treatment.

Massage-types-offered-manIf you have not experienced massage before and have questions, take a moment to read our Massage FAQs. Alternatively, do contact us and one of our qualified therapists will gladly answer questions for you.

Combination Therapy – PricingBook Now

Please take a moment to consider your intent for using our services. Our gratitude to provide you service is boundless, however we are passionate about ensuring you’re energised with optimal health and without recurring issues. If you are experiencing back pain, consider that you are likely to have a hip or spinal malignment and also muscle imbalances. If you treat only one of these symptoms, the remaining untreated symptom will drag you back to your ‘pain-state’. Consequently, if you are in considerable discomfort, please consider a massage appointment to address the muscular/fascial tissue imbalance and follow up immediately with an discounted express chiropractic adjustment to resolve skeletal malignments. Our cross-skilled team constantly innovates in cross-discipline treatments to get our clients optimised and to their ‘best self’. Benefits include:

      • Faster recovery
      • Lasting results
      • Easier adjustments
      • Less treatments needed

Consider combination therapy as your most efficient path to optimal health.


For the most effective treatment, we recommend a massage followed up with an express chiropractic treatment.
Effective Massage Treatments:
HICAPS Health Fund Rebates Available
30min – $70
60min – $105
90min – $140
120min – $190

Chiropractic Treatments:
HICAPS Health Fund Rebates Available
Initial Consultation (45min) – $120
Standard Consult (15min) – $70
Extended Consult (30min) – $85

Payable at treatment, Visa/MC/AMEX/EFTPOS/Maestro/Cirrus available.

Booking a Treatment

Booking a treatment is very easy. For combination massage/chiro treatments, it’s easy to contact our call centre on 02 83540732, or make two bookings using our Online Booking System. Single treatments can easily be booked online using our Online Booking System. The online booking system process features profiles of our practitioners and their availability to assist with selection.