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About Our Unique Care

For over 10 years the team at East Sydney Massage and Chiropractic continue to provide quality, safe and effective massage and chiropractic treatments to benefit the inner east Sydney community. We take a holistic approach to your health to ensuring that

  • We listen and understand your goals and concerns
  • Provide effective chiropractic and massage treatments and
  • Re-educate the body through awareness to achieve your health goals

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Chiropractic-treatments-women-east-sydney-chiropractic-and-massage-3A very popular form of primary health care throughout Europe, chiropractic seeks to correct the nervous system’s pathways throughout the body, which may be impairing bodily mechanics. What do we mean by this?
Correcting skeletal malignments across the hips, spine, ribs and neck is often the root cause of uncomfortable muscular pain in the hips, lower back, neck and other ailments including migranes. If you have a sore neck or back, we always start with the hips and spine!

Like a kink in a hose, any impairment of the neural pathways impacts the flow of information to the brain – if the brain doesn’t receive full information it will not send correct messages to muscles and other organs, resulting in imbalances and into spiral effect of compensating measures to try and resolve the underlying malignment.

Our resident chiropractors bring a passionate life of learning and treatment experience that ensures your concerns and goals are understood, you are informed of our diagnosis and treatment options and that you feel comfortable and safe throughout all phases of treatment.

If you are wanting to experience Chiropractic for the first time and have more questions, please review our Chiropractic FAQ page. Alternatively you can contact us and one of our chiropractors will answer questions for you. You can also book an appointment online now, with full therapist profiles available within the booking process.


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The human touch aspect of massage is a wonderful human experience and provides a greater sense of well-being and emotional comfort. For many of us, taking the time out to experience massage is like a mini-journey of peace and relaxation. The practitioners at East Sydney Massage take this experience one step further and make the experience EFFECTIVE – the massage ‘zen’ is simply not enough. Make the most of your massage by not only experiencing a blissful journey, but:

  • Clear your body of toxicity through lymphatic massage
  • Address muscular imbalance with remedial massage
  • Give yourself a chance to fully disconnect with a Swedish/relaxation massage


Our multi-award winning therapists are fully qualified in evidence based practices and have passionately practised for years. Our clients have a choice of many massage therapists in the Darlinghurst area, however they keep coming back to us for a truly effective treatment.

If you have not experienced massage before and have questions, take a moment to read our Massage FAQs. Alternatively, do contact us and one of our qualified therapists will gladly answer questions for you. You can also book an appointment online now, with full therapist profiles available in the booking process.

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women-east-sydney-chiropractic-and-massage-6At East Sydney Massage and Chiropractic Clinic we have the Belly Pillow which is specifically designed to allow a pregnant woman to lie on her front, easing the pressure on her back and giving her a chance to really enjoy her massage. There are many restrictions throughout the gestational period making pregnancy feel like a chore or an effort. However a massage is the one thing you can indulge in. Your body, mind, soul and most of all, your baby will thank you for it.

  • Fully trained & Experienced Therapists
  • Safe & Effective
  • Specifically designed Belly pillow for your comfort
  • Reduces Cramping
  • Increases circulation
  • Beneficial for both Mother and Baby
  • Relaxes Mind & Body
  • Helps reduce lower back pain
  • Keeps your body healthy and in the best condition
  • Helps with Labour & discomfort through your pregnancy

Combination Therapy

Please take a moment to consider your intent for using our services. Our gratitude to provide you service is boundless, however we are passionate about ensuring you’re energised with optimal health and without recurring issues. If you are experiencing back pain, consider that you are likely to have a hip or spinal malignment and also muscle imbalances. If you treat only one of these symptoms, the remaining untreated symptom will drag you back to your ‘pain-state’. Consequently, if you are in considerable discomfort, please consider a massage appointment to address the muscular/fascial tissue imbalance and follow up immediately with an discounted express chiropractic adjustment to resolve skeletal malignments. Our cross-skilled team constantly innovates in cross-discipline treatments to get our clients optimised and to their ‘best self’. Benefits of combination appointments are:

  • Faster recovery
  • Lasting results
  • Easier adjustments
  • Less treatments needed

Consider combination therapy as your most efficient path to optimal health.


For the most effective treatment, we recommend a massage followed up with an express chiropractic treatment.
Effective Massage Treatments:
HICAPS Health Fund Rebates Available
30min – $70
60min – $105
90min – $140
120min – $190

Chiropractic Treatments:
HICAPS Health Fund Rebates Available
Initial Consultation (45min) – $120
Standard Consult (15min) – $70
Extended Consult (30min) – $85

Payable at treatment, Visa/MC/AMEX/EFTPOS/Maestro/Cirrus available.

Booking a Treatment

Booking a treatment is very easy. For combination massage/chiro treatments, it’s easy to contact our call centre on 02 83540732, or make two bookings using our Online Booking System. Single treatments can easily be booked online using our Online Booking System. The online booking system process features profiles of our practitioners and their availability to assist with selection.

We understand there are many massage therapy, spa treatment, and chiropractic suppliers in Darlinghurst, but it is through dedicated commitment to client care and providing proven treatments that we continue to lead in our field and support so many wonderful members of the community.

Our practitioners are highly qualified award winning therapists who are passionate about providing effective evidence-based treatments, with a healing mindset to ensure your treatments reduce pain, optimise mobility and rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

With a strong loyal client following, we invite you to explore our services or contact us to learn more. Our clinic is open 7-days a week and after-hours appointments are available with HICAPS rebates. Bookings can be made online now using our Online Booking Service.

Of course, if we can assist further in anyway, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wishing you the best in health, always.


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